Our story

Creating characterful brands for business

Telling Stories is a brand, design, ideas and business, business – founded in Manchester by husband and wife team, Faye and David Thompson.

We’re good at developing engaging brand stories and original ideas to achieve business-led results. We work closely with our clients to build a strong sense of their own identity coupled with a unique voice, helping them move on to bigger and better things.

We do this by identifying the core strengths and interesting bits of their culture and help bring them to the fore using design and ideas… Or in-short, we tell their story.

You’ll see from our work that we’re really into good ideas, but not for their own sake. So we focus on the bigger picture for our clients, talking directly to their audience in the most appropriate, meaningful and results-driven way.

A good fit

We’ve been Telling Stories for over ten years now – and in that time we have developed a keen sense for the kinds of businesses and more importantly, people, we work well with. They are…

  • Hungry for a challenge
  • Ready for transformational change
  • Owner-managers with ambition
  • Believers in the power of ideas
  • Interested in the truth
  • Punching above their weight
  • Set to make an impact.

Our collective experience has resulted in a varied client list of large and small businesses, including multinational organisations like the Grosvenor Estate to beautifully formed start-ups like Bloom, Bump & Baby – and everything else in-between.

So as you’ll see from our broad range of clients, we think variety is the spice of life – and being naturally inquisitive means that we thrive on difficult brand challenges… it’s what gets us out of bed in the morning.

Partners, in every sense

Originally from Chester, Faye has over 25 years experience in the design industry. After graduating from the University of Nottingham, Faye learnt her trade at one of the world’s most respected creative agencies in Manchester. Going on to travel the globe, Faye made a pit-stop in Sydney, Australia to continue her design career before eventually returning to swap the sunshine and serenity of Milk Beach for the grey skies, family and friends of Manchester.

Originally from Newcastle, David also has over 25 years professional experience in branding and design. After graduating from Leeds Metropolitan University, he remained in the city to join one of the North’s most dynamic brand builders, working for and with a broad range of private, public and arts clients. After a decade enjoying life in Yorkshire (okay, not exactly Sydney – but a long way for a boy from the North East), David crossed the Pennines to Manchester, met Faye… and the rest, as they say – is history.

David and Faye are a team in every sense, complimenting each others natural abilities and skill-sets.

Faye is our resident ‘brand police’, a hawk-eye for detail who ensures everything is present and correct. David sees the bigger picture, and believes rules are made to be broken (the central cause of many robust ‘discussions’).

Faye is a great communicator, David keeps it short and sweet. David is the ‘techy’, Faye prefers her sketch book. Faye loves developing intricate and subtle colour palettes, David prefers to keep it simple. Faye still has a love for black polo-necks, David would rather look like Stig of the Dump than Steve Jobs.

Despite their differences, Faye and David iron out each others creases – and both agree that creating strong brief-led ideas is the most effective way to approach difficult communication challenges.

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