What’s the story?

Are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin…

Telling Stories is a brand, design, ideas and business, business.

We tell good stories, a bit like Jackanory – but without the creepy presenter.

These stories are interesting, original and always full of good ideas.

Good ideas that help our clients build a strong sense of their own identity.

And as a result, a stronger connection with their customers too.

On the same page

We’ve been Telling Stories for over a decade, and have a pretty good idea about the kinds of businesses and people we work well with, who are…

Owners with ambition.
Hungry for the challenge.
Ready for change.
Believers in good ideas.
Interested in the truth.
Punching above their weight.
Set to make an impact.

We’ve built partnerships with large and small businesses alike, from mega multinationals to lovely little start-ups – and everything else in-between.

And importantly, variety is the spice of life… so from weird science to sublime ceramics – we thrive on new challenges, subjects and sectors.

Chapter & verse

Telling Stories founders, Faye and David Thompson, are partners in every sense – complimenting each others natural abilities and skill-sets.

Faye is a great communicator.

David keeps it short and sweet.

David is the ‘techy’.

Faye prefers her sketch book.

Faye loves developing intricate and subtle colour palettes.

David would make everything black and white if he could (he can’t).

Faye has a love for black polo-necks.

David would rather look like Stig of the Dump than Steve Jobs.

Despite their differences, Faye and David iron out each others creases – and both agree that creating strong brief-led ideas is the most effective way to approach difficult communication challenges.